Goodbye Termites, Ants, and Roaches

How Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home?

Have you noticed signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, and you're not sure what to do about it? You'll likely need the help of a pest control specialist to get rid of those bed bugs for good. Here are some of the techniques that can be used to exterminate bed bugs.  Vacuum Removal If a pest control specialist is able to physically see the bed bugs and their eggs, then they'll take steps to remove the bed bugs with a vacuum. Read More 

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

If you want to treat your home or property for termites, you are probably wondering how long the treatment will last. This is an important consideration since you want to ensure that your home is protected against termites for as long as possible. This article will describe the two most common termite treatments and how long each of them lasts. Baiting systems need to be maintained yearly Baiting systems for termites are an effective way to prevent termites from reaching your home from other areas. Read More 

6 Important Facts About Termite Mud Tubes To Keep In Mind

Of all the many termite species, the most destructive of them is the subterranean termite. This termite attacks from below ground and doesn't travel in the open like ants do. Instead, the subterranean termite uses mud tubes to move around aboveground. As a homeowner or building owner, it's important to understand mud tubes and what they mean. This article will provide some important facts about mud tubes. 1. New mud tubes indicate termite activity Read More 

Tips to Keep Skunks Away from Your Residence

Skunks in your yard can be a real pain. Unfortunately, most folks don't know how to get rid of these stinky intruders. As such, they have to co-exist with these pests. Fortunately, this article will offer tips to help you keep skunks away. Read on to find out! Make Use of Citrus You might love the smell of citrus, but skunks don't. So, if you're after an affordable but effective way to get rid of skunks, you might as well scatter some citrus fruits in your yard. Read More 

3 Steps You Can Take To Make Your Termite Control Efforts More Effective

While having your home professionally inspected and treated for termites is an important part of any pest control plan, there are also steps that you can take on your own to help keep termites at bay. When paired with professional pest control services, these do-it-yourself termite control methods can help to make your overall pest control plan more effective. You can learn more about three of these DIY termite control steps below. Read More 

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Termites, ants, and roaches have to be some of the most common and most annoying household pests. Roaches make your home smell, and they also spread disease. Termites can chew anything made from wood to bits, and ants are just creepy with their tiny legs and nest-building capabilities. Pest control companies can keep all these nasty insects away, and they can also help manage less-common pests like earwigs and house centipedes. As annoying as pests are, pest control is a pretty interesting topic, and it's one we explore in more depth on this website. Start reading, and say goodbye to ants, roaches, and termites for good.


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