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3 Steps You Can Take To Make Your Termite Control Efforts More Effective

While having your home professionally inspected and treated for termites is an important part of any pest control plan, there are also steps that you can take on your own to help keep termites at bay. When paired with professional pest control services, these do-it-yourself termite control methods can help to make your overall pest control plan more effective. You can learn more about three of these DIY termite control steps below.

Step #1: Eliminate Potential Food Sources Near Your Home

Dead wood is by far a termite's favorite snack. Consequently, if you wish to keep termites away from your home, you will need to eliminate any wood that is being stored too close to your home. This includes things such as firewood and wicker patio furniture. You will also want to have any tree stumps removed if they are located within a few feet of your home's exterior. By eliminating potential food sources, you will be able to make your home far less attractive to any termites that may be living nearby. 

Step #2: Eliminate As Many Entry Points As Possible

While there are bound to be some termites that naturally live either on your property or nearby, you do not need to make it easy for these pests to make the jump from their current home into your home. In order to make accessing your home more difficult, you will need to eliminate as many potential entry points as possible. For example, if you have tree branches that hang low over your roof, you will want to trim these branches back in order to prevent termites from simply climbing off the branch and onto your roof. You will also want to use spray foam in order to fill in any small cracks along the exterior of your home. 

Step #3: Apply Essential Oils To Wood Windows And Doors As A Deterrent 

Wood window frames and doors are some of the most common entry points for termites. These areas of your home not only provide easy access but a food source as well. That is why you should apply lavender or vetiver oil to all of your wood windows and doors as part of your termite control plan. The smell of these essential oils are pleasant to most people. However, termites find these smells to be overwhelming and will therefore avoid the area where these essential oils are present. 

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