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Tips to Keep Skunks Away from Your Residence

Skunks in your yard can be a real pain. Unfortunately, most folks don't know how to get rid of these stinky intruders. As such, they have to co-exist with these pests. Fortunately, this article will offer tips to help you keep skunks away. Read on to find out!

Make Use of Citrus

You might love the smell of citrus, but skunks don't. So, if you're after an affordable but effective way to get rid of skunks, you might as well scatter some citrus fruits in your yard. You just need to scatter as many peels as you can in your backyard. Lemon and oranges have a fragrance that should ward off skunks. You just need to replace the peels once they dry up. For excellent results, combine this method with other techniques.

Utilize Outdoor Lighting

As is the case with other pests, skunks love wandering around dark places. Their nocturnal nature forces them to look for food at night. That said, you should introduce bright lights outside your home. Ensure that your entire backyard is well-illuminated at night. Try using solar lights to keep your electricity bills down. 

Alternatively, you can set up a motion sensor to set off the lights once the skunks come near your yard. Surprisingly, bright motion sensors are quite effective as they always startle the skunks.

Keep You Bins Sealed

Pests will always be attracted to places with food; skunks are no different. So, if you are used to leaving your bins open, you'll definitely have skunks in your backyard. Simple things like tightly sealing your garbage bins can make a huge difference. Once you do that, your bins will never be an easy target for hungry skunks. Just ensure these skunks do not have leftover food to eat.

Use a Rodent Repellent Spray

You might also turn to rodent repellent sprays if the skunks become a massive problem. These sprays work for all rodents. Amazingly, most of these sprays are made using natural products. The sprays contain ingredients with strong odors to help change the skunk's behavior around your property. Some of these ingredients include cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pine, peppermint, cloves, and others.

Hire a Pro

If the skunks prove challenging to handle, you can engage the professionals. Pest control services should be able to help with your skunk infestation. They have the knowledge, equipment, and tools to get rid of skunks. Wildlife removal professionals can also help move skunks into the wild. 

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