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Successful Mosquito Prevention Includes Treatments By A Pest Control Company

Mosquito prevention is essential if you want to use your yard during the summer. Mosquitoes can ruin your cookout or pool party once they take over your yard. They can even get in your house and keep you awake at night with their buzzing and biting. With the help of a pest control company, you have a good chance at keeping mosquitoes away. Here are some steps involved with mosquito prevention.

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Eliminating standing water in your yard is advice you probably hear often. However, you may not realize that it only takes a small amount of water for mosquitoes to breed. When you're looking for water to dump out, you should not only look for large things like birdbaths and kiddie pools, but you should also look for pot saucers, bottle caps, and general clutter and toys. Even a lawnmower can hold enough water on the surface for mosquitoes to breed. Fortunately, small amounts of water can evaporate quickly when the sun's out, but it's still best to get rid of things in your yard that hold water after it rains.

Repair Your Screens

Walk around your house and look at all of your window screens. If any of them have rips or holes, be sure to repair them so mosquitoes can't get inside your house. Try to close your door quickly, especially when you enter or leave at night. If you keep mosquitoes out of your house, you'll have a safe haven to retreat to if the pests get bad outside.

Have Pest Control Treatments

Professional mosquito prevention treatments work well at controlling mosquitoes. You may need to have your yard sprayed every month or so to keep the mosquitoes away all summer, but it's worth it if you like to spend time outdoors. The pest control company will spray around your yard and house where there's shade since that's where mosquitoes like to hide and sleep. The treatment will continue to work until it's time for the next application, so your yard should have very few mosquitoes if it's treated regularly.

Install A Misting System

If mosquitoes are a real problem and you have an appropriate place to install a misting system, you might want to ask your pest control company if they think it would be a good idea for your property. Your pest control company might even install these systems and maintain them. This involves placing misters around your property, sometimes on a fence. The misters are then programmed to mist pesticide at certain intervals when mosquitoes are active. The tank of insecticide has to be filled regularly by a pest control company.

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