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Mitigating Your Property's Mosquito Problem

Depending on where your home is located, mosquitoes can be a significant problem that may require a proactive approach to mitigate. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a homeowner may not know the effective strategies that can be used to mitigate the problems mosquitoes are able to cause.

Standing Water Can Be A Major Source Of Mosquito Problems

Standing water can be one of the biggest contributing factors to a mosquito problem. Even a fairly small puddle or bucket of water can allow mosquitoes to lay a vast quantity of eggs, and these can quickly hatch. Thoroughly assessing your property for standing water can help you with identifying the areas that need attention to reduce the mosquito population. In some cases, this may require improving drainage so that water from the rain can quickly drain away from the property.

Mosquito Treatments Can Significantly Reduce The Number Of These Pests On Your Property

Professional mosquito treatments can be an important step for mitigating this problem with your property. During these treatments, a contractor will apply treatments throughout the property to neutralize the mosquitoes that may be present. Additionally, these professionals can treat lakes, ponds, fountains, and other permanent bodies of water on the property so that they will not become breeding grounds for these flying pests. The particular treatment option will depend on the severity of the mosquito issue. For those that live in areas with severe mosquito problems, it may be necessary to periodically coat the surface of the water with a biodegradable solution that can trap mosquitoes when they land on it and prevent eggs from being able to hatch.

There Are Tools And Accessories To Keep Specific Areas Of Your Home Free Of Mosquitoes

The areas of your property where you and your family spend a lot of time should be of particular importance when it comes to mosquito control. To this end, there are tools and accessories that you can use to keep mosquitoes out of this area. One of the most basic tools can be a fan that blows over the areas that will be occupied. Mosquitoes are fairly weak, and the breeze from a fan can be enough to force them out of the area. In addition to this option, there are also citronella candles that can drive mosquitoes out of the area while they are burning. Catnip plants can be another repellent to mosquitoes, and those that have cats can find that these plants are a potential source of stimulation for their pets.

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