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Mosquito Mitigation Steps For Homeowners

Mosquitoes can be an extremely annoying pest problem as they can leave itchy bites, and they may even be able to transmit disease. Unfortunately, there are homes that are located in areas that are more prone to these pests, and homeowners in these areas will need to take steps to mitigate the population of these pests.

Minimize Standing Water From Forming On Your Property

Large puddles of standing water can be an ideal area for mosquitoes to breed. Furthermore, the short development cycle of these pests can allow them to quickly take advantage of puddles that may persist on your property following heavy rain. In order to prevent the mosquitoes in your area from using these puddles as breeding grounds, you may need to invest in improving the overall drainage of your soil. This can allow these puddles to drain far more quickly, which can both eliminate this breeding area for the mosquitoes while also minimizing erosion and landscaping issues persistent puddles can create.

Use Fans And Citronella In The Areas You Plan To Spend The Most Time

While it may not be possible to fully eliminate the mosquitoes from your property, you can help to repel them from the areas where you and your family will spend the most time. Two of the options for achieving this can be to use citronella candles as the smell of these products can help to repel mosquitoes from the area. However, fans can also be an effective tool as these small insects will not have the flying power to overcome the wind that small to medium-sized fans are able to produce.

Have The Property Professionally Treated During The Spring And Summer Months

Mosquito activity will be the highest during the spring and summer months. During these times of the year, a homeowner may wish to have their property treated by professional mosquito control providers. These services can use an assortment of strategies to help to reduce the prevalence of these pests on your property. Ideally, these services should visit your property every few weeks. This will ensure that any mosquito repellents or pesticides will be at optimal levels to combat these flying pests.

Mosquitoes have the ability to dramatically reduce your family's ability to enjoy spending time outdoors. In order to mitigate the problems that mosquitoes are able to cause for a home, there are active steps that can be taken to reduce the population of these pests. Mosquito control methods such as reducing standing puddles, having the property professionally treated during peak mosquito season, and using repellents in the areas you plan to spend time outdoors can help to reduce the number of mosquito bites you may experience on your property.

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