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How Mice Are Entering Your Home

Do you have a problem where mice are getting into your home and you're not sure how it's happening? If so, it will help to know about three places where they could be sneaking in.

Under Doors

You may be surprised that one way mice are getting in is through your entry doors. While these doors may have a rubber sweep along the bottom that is designed to create a seal, it is very easy for mice to chew through that rubber sweep and create a gap that is small enough for them to get inside. The same can be said of your home's garage door if you have an attached garage, which has a similar rubber sweep along the bottom.

The best way to deal with this entry point is to replace the rubber sweep with one that is designed to prevent pests from getting through it. You can buy replacement sweeps that have a wire mesh inside them that is going to hurt the mice if they bite into it, which will cause them to turn away and look for another home to get into.

Dryer Vents

A dryer vent is a place that you may not think that mice can get into, but it is an easy way for them to enter your home if the conditions are right. A common problem is an old dryer vent that is no longer working properly. The vent may have rusted and the cover has broken off, or the cover is stuck in the open position. Mice are then going to get into your home through this vent and find someplace to hide. 

Thankfully, replacing the dryer vent cover is a simple solution. Consider replacing it with one that uses a powerful magnet that is going to pull the vent shut when the dryer is not in use. 

Foundation Cracks

It's possible that there is a crack big enough in your foundation that is allowing mice to get inside. The crack doesn't have to be that big to allow it to happen either, since it only needs to be the width of a pencil. You'll need to search around the foundation of your home to find these cracks, and then stuff them with wire mesh that the mice can't chew through.

Can't find how the mice are getting in your home? Reach out to a pest control specialist in your area for their assistance. 

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