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What To Look For When Looking For Bed Bugs

If you aren't sure if you have bed bugs, but you want to be sure you don't have these pests invading your home, there are ways to do the research in your home. If you are getting bit up at night when you're asleep in your bed, or you are getting bit when sitting on your couch, you may suspect it's bed bugs, but it could just be a sneaky mosquito in your home attacking you when you sleep, or you may have a spider bite. To be sure, read on for some ways to look for bed bugs and how to find them.

Remove Your Bedding And Inspect Your Mattress

Remove all of your bedding from your bed and take a close look at your mattress. You need to pull apart the seams and inspect the stitching, especially along the creases. Then remove your mattress and inspect your box spring. If you see anything that looks like a brownish-red apple seed, it's more than likely a bed bug. You may also see blood smears or shells of these pests, as these pests shed their skin. You may see live pests, or they may be dead. If you see them in your mattress, you should inspect the room and your home further. Remove these pests from your bed by vacuuming your mattress and box spring, then place both in a protective covering to prevent bed bugs from getting back into your bed.

Look At Your Dresser/Night Stand 

Take a look at your dresser or your nightstand, whatever is closest to your bed. Look at the undersides of the edges and on the top. Then inspect inside your drawers after you remove everything from them. If you see any of these pests, dead or alive, you need to inspect further. Kill any of the pests you see and wipe the inside and outside of your furniture in the room, including your headboard and footboard.

Inspect Your Baseboards

Get a close look at your baseboards and look with a magnifying glass if you need to, or a flashlight. Inspect your baseboards and along the edge of the room in your carpeting. If you see any of these pests in these areas, you may have an infestation in your home. You need to set off a bug bomb in your home to help kill the bed bugs, as you may have them behind your walls as well. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bug bomb for use.

If you have found that you have bed bugs throughout your home, you should hire a professional to get rid of these pests for you. Bed bug services can help you locate and eliminate these pests.

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