Goodbye Termites, Ants, and Roaches

Keeping Roaches From Being A Problem In Your Home

If you have noticed roaches inside of your home in the past, or if you live in an area where others in your neighborhood have had a roach problem, you are likely worried about them causing havoc in the future. There are some steps you can take to help keep roaches from invading your household.

Contact An Exterminator For An Evaluation

If you suspect roaches are already present in your home or if you are worried about the possibility of them being harbored in an area where you are unable to see them, contact an exterminator in your area. A professional pest control service worker will be dispatched to your home to conduct a full assessment of your home for the presence of roaches and other pests. If any are discovered, pro-active treatment of your home is necessary to eradicate them fully. It is wise to have a pest control service do this type of evaluation on a yearly basis to keep rodents, insects, and wildlife from infesting your home's interior.

Keep Your Home As Tidy As Possible

Roaches stay in areas where there is an abundance of possible food choices. If you fail to clean your home's interior on a constant basis, there are bound to be food crumbs left behind that roaches can access. Cleaning regularly helps to eliminate food for pests, making it less likely they will stick around your home. A home without food is one that pests will leave. Vacuum, mop, and sweep floors to keep crumbs from accumulating. Wipe down countertops as soon as your food preparation is completed. Keep on top of garbage removal and place any leftover food in sealed containers.

Remove Moisture From Your Home

Roaches stay in areas that are damp and dark. If you have a humidity problem in your home, roaches will be drawn to areas where moisture is present. Check over appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines regularly for signs of leaking and make repairs as necessary. Clean behind your water heater to remove moisture buildup. Consider investing in a dehumidifying unit to place in your basement, crawlspace, or garage, as these are areas where humidity and moisture tend to accumulate. Alternately, purchase dissidents from a home goods store and position them in these rooms to help draw moisture from the air. Be sure to swap out dissidents with new ones each week to keep on top of humidity levels.

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