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3 Reasons The Ants Keep Coming Back

Ants are never fun to deal with in your home. However, if you seem to keep having an ant problem, there are probably some reasons why and ways you can fix the issue.

You Keep Leaving Food Out

The truth is that ants don't just show up for no reason. They show up when there is food that they can enjoy. Ants like to be close to food sources, such as kitchens and places where they can find leftover food.

This is easy to fix. All you need to do is clean things up. Keep fruit in the fridge when possible. Put all food inside of airtight containers. Wipe up spills in the kitchen immediately. Place bay leaves near any dry food containers to keep ants away. Keep things as clean as possible.

Next, you are going to want to clean up greasy surfaces. It can be easy not to notice grease buildup and food residue. Clean and wipe around your stovetop after each time you use it, especially when you have been cooking foods that splatter. Wipe down your dry food storage containers to clean any leftover food residue. Ants don't need a lot of food; they need access to a little bit, and food residue can do the job.

Leaking Water

You may have leaking water. In addition to food, ants need access to water. If you have a water leak, even if it is smaller, it can provide enough reliable water for ants to survive on. You are going to want to check around your home for water leaks. If you have any water leaks around your faucets or toilet, get those sealed up. Make sure you don't have water leaking in around your windows, either.

Decaying Wood Near Your Home

Fourth, you may have decaying wood around your home. As wood decays, it can attract ants that like to make their home in decaying wood. Therefore, if you have decaying wood on or near your home, you are going to want to replace it to keep carpenter ants away.

Ants will find a way into your home if you have food and water for them to survive on or if you present the right living conditions, such as decaying wood. A pest control company can help identify why the ants like your home and can help you deal with these things. They can also set up traps and help kill the ants that are currently in your home so that you can enjoy a clean slate.

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