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Rodent Control Tips For Country Dwellers

People often think of rodent infestations as being a city problem. You always hear about entire city blocks being infested with rats and about mice moving in to big apartment buildings. However, rodents can be a problem in the country, too, and the rodent control tips given to city dwellers are not always terribly applicable in a rural area. The following tips, however, will help you keep rodents away when you live in the country. 

Keep the brush better trimmed.

When you own many acres of land, it's not always feasible to keep all of the grass mowed to 3/4 inch. However, if you just let the fields grow out of control, the long grass and weeds will become a harborage point for rodents, and then the rodents will not have to move too far to end up in your actual home. Try to keep the brush under control. You don't have to use the lawnmower on it twice a week, but at least brush hog it once a month or so. 

Don't leave food out for pets.

If you have outdoor cats or other outdoor pets, do not just leave food out for them day or night. You'll be feeding the rats right alongside the cats! Instead, put the food down when you see the animals around, give them a half-hour or so to eat, and then pick the food up again. If you have farm animals like chickens or goats, make sure you clean up around their food bowls regularly so that there's not a lot of spilled food left behind for rats.

Keep your doors and windows well sealed.

This advice applies in the city, too, but it's even more applicable in the country where many of the homes are older and may have older doors and windows. Check those doors and windows for gaps and cracks on a regular basis. If you do find a gap or crack, do not hesitate to seal it with some caulk. You can also pull out and replace any weatherstripping that is beginning to peel or deteriorate. Mice and rats can sneak in through incredibly small spaces, and the gaps alongside windows and doors are some of their favorite entryways.

If you follow the tips above, you should see fewer rodents around your country home. If you do notice any rats or mice, call a pest control company ASAP. It's best to have them address the issue before the rodents have too much of a chance to breed.

To learn more, contact a rodent control company.

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