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7 Normal Habits That Bring Bed Bugs Into Your Home

Once bed bugs get into your home, getting rid of them can prove very difficult. And once a female starts to mate and lay her eggs, bed bugs can spread quickly throughout a home. And bed bugs don't care what season it is, they thrive all year round.

Unfortunately, if you have discovered that you have a bed bug problem, you could have brought them in with one of the following normal habits.

1. Buying secondhand furniture and clothes

An adult bed bug can go without food for months if necessary. This means that even if secondhand clothes or furniture has been in storage for months, they could still be infested with bed bugs if they came from an infested home.

2. Staying around friend's houses

If you enjoy staying around your friend's homes, then this could be the reason for your bed bug infestation. Bed bugs like to nest near their food sources, in beds, furniture, and even in towels and clothing.

3. Letting friends stay over at your house

Bed bugs like to nest in places with seams and folds, where they can hide until nighttime when they come out to feed. Your friends could bring bed bugs into your home in their towels, clothing, and sheets if they stay the night.  

4. Sitting on communal sofas while in public places

Because bed bugs can travel on clothing and even on shoes, communal sofas, especially the kind with lots of nooks and crannies, are hotspots for bed bugs. If you spend a lot of time sitting on sofas in public spaces, you risk bringing bed bugs home with you.

5. Visiting the cinema regularly

Cinemas are regularly full of people, and they contain seating where bed bugs can hide in the darkness waiting to hitch a ride home with viewers. As mentioned earlier, bed bugs can wait for months before they eat, so they don't mind waiting.

6. Storing your things in gym locker rooms

Gym locker rooms see a constant stream of people going in and out, storing their bags and clothing as they do so. Since bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing and in linen, gyms are bed bug hotspots.

7. Borrowing books from your local library

Bed bugs like to hide in tight spaces like seams, folds, and cracks. The spines and pages of books provide the ideal hiding places for bed bugs. That's why just borrowing a book from your local library could start a bed bug infestation in your home.

If you think one of these habits could have started a bed bug infestation in your home, you need the help of a pest control service. The faster you act, the sooner you can eradicate the bedbug females before they breed out of control.   

If you have more questions, contact a local bed bug control service.

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