Goodbye Termites, Ants, and Roaches

Prevention, Veterinary Care, And Pest Treatments Are All Important For Flea Control

Fleas are extreme nuisance pests. They make your pets miserable, and the pests can invade your home in large numbers. These insects can also transmit diseases, so they aren't to be taken lightly. Eliminating these pests can take a lot of work, so preventing them is one of the major components of flea control. Here are some tips for keeping these pests under control.

Get Veterinary Treatments For Your Pets

Your vet can provide treatments for your cat, dog, or ferret that protect them from the dangers of these blood-sucking insects, which can reduce the number of the pests in your home. If your dog or cat is infested, they can bring fleas in your house where the pests will multiply and start bothering you, too.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed And Treated

Reduce the number of these pests in your yard by keeping it tidy and trimmed. Allow the sun to shine on your yard as much as possible by removing clutter and trimming trees. By doing these things, rodents and other wildlife won't be attracted to your yard and bring fleas along with them.

Talk to a pest control professional about treating your yard to kill the insects so they don't have a chance to get inside your house.

Clean Your House

One annoying thing about an infestation is the amount of housecleaning required to get rid of the pests. Vacuuming pulls the pests out of the carpet, so you'll probably need to vacuum your floors and furniture frequently until the infestation is over.

You'll also need to wash your pet's bedding regularly, and you may need to change and wash your own bedding more often if your pet sleeps with you.

Get Help From A Pest Control Company

You can probably manage a mild case on your own, but when you have so many fleas that they jump on your ankles when you walk across the living room carpet, it's time to get professional help.

The pest control company may use treatments that kill adult fleas and they may use growth regulators to keep young fleas from developing normally.

Professional flea control treatments, along with veterinary care for your pets, can bring your problem under control. Infestations can be worse some years than others, so don't get lax if you go a few years without a problem. Keep up with treatments for your pets and with keeping wildlife out of your yard as best possible, and you may be able to avoid another serious flea problem in your home. Contact a flea control service for more information. 

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