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Protecting Your Home From Termite Problems

Termites are one of the most troublesome pests that your home may encounter. Unfortunately, homeowners will have an underdeveloped knowledge about these pests, and this can make it harder for them to be able to prevent their homes from suffering extensive termite damages.

Termites Can Spread Through The Ground

In order to protect your home from termites, it is important to understand how they can make it to your home. Many homeowners may assume that termites will only come from trees or other woody plants that are near the home. In reality, termites can tunnel underground, and they may be able to cover large distances. Due to the fact that termites travel through the ground, many homeowners will invest in having a termite barrier installed around the perimeter of the house. This can reduce the risk of your home developing a termite problem by helping to keep these insects at a comfortable distance from the structure.

Damage From Termites May Not Be Readily Apparent

Unfortunately, the damages that termites can cause may not be readily obvious to the homeowner. This is due to the fact that these pests can target areas of the home that you may not be able to easily see. Periodically assessing the home for signs of termite damage will be essential if you are to find this problem before structural damage is able to occur. When you are looking for signs of termite damage, you will want to pay attention to the area along the base of the home as this will be the area where a termite problem is the most likely to start.  Termite damage will often be little more than a small hole in the wood and a pile of sawdust on the ground below it. Due to the fact that this damage can be somewhat subtle, most homeowners will find that having a professional perform a termite assessment once a year is the most effective way of assessing the home for this damage.

Preventing Termites Can Require Ongoing Treatments

In order to keep the home safe from termites, it will need to be periodically treated in order to keep termites away from the wooden areas of the home. While many homeowners will wait until the house has an active termite problem to get it treated, preventative treatments can be the best option for avoiding a termite infestation and the damage that it will involve. Fortunately, termite treatments are fairly long-lasting, which means that you may only need to have the house treated once a year in order to keep these pests away.

If you think your house may have an issue with termites, talk to a pest control specialist to get a termite treatment scheduled.

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