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They May Look Cute And Cuddly: 3 Reasons to Have Possums Removed From Your Attic

If you found possums in your attic, resist the urge to befriend them. Possums may look cute and cuddly, but they can do a lot of damage. This is especially true if they're allowed to nest in your attic. The best thing you can do is call a wildlife removal service. They'll humanely remove the possums from your attic and return them to the wild. If you're still tempted to let the possums stay in your attic, read the information provided below. Here are three risks you face when you let possums take over your attic. 

Fecal and Urine Damage

If you've decided to let a possum hang out in your attic, you should know that your home's at risk for fecal and urine damage. Possums are known to deposit large amounts of solid waste. In fact, in just a short time, a possum can fill your attic with smelly solid waste. Not only that, they'll urinate in your insulation. Unfortunately, possum waste can be difficult to remove. On top of that, the odor will permeate through the wood and leave your home smelling like the sewer. Avoid the fecal and urine damage. Have possums removed as soon as you find them on your property. 

Property Destruction

If you have a possum in your attic, you'll need to worry about more than the odor. You'll also need to worry about the property damage. Possums don't take good care of their surroundings. In fact, they'll tear up insulation and tear through the air ducts. This is especially true when possums are building their nests. Unfortunately, they won't stop there. If the possum in your attic is building a nest, it will continue to do damage until it's done nesting. Unfortunately, if it gives birth in the nest, its offspring will also do some damage to your attic. Some companies, like, know that the best way to protect your attic is to have possums removed immediately.  

Pest Infestations

If possums have taken over your attic, you also need to worry about pest infestations. Pests like roaches and flies may be attracted to the odor. Not only that, but possums carry fleas. Unfortunately, those fleas may be infected with diseases that can be spread to your family. The best way to protect your home and family from pest infestations is to stop possums from nesting in your attic. 

Don't be fooled by their cute faces. If you've discovered possums in your attic, contact a wildlife removal service right away.

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