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4 Ways To Support Professionally Provided Ant Eradication Efforts

Most people will battle ants for months before they finally surrender and call up an ant control service for help. In spite of their small stature, ants can be incredibly problematic regardless of what kind you have in your home. Ants are determined, intelligent pests that can enter the house in droves and be seemingly impossible to get rid of when there is a major problem. While an ant control service is your best line of defense, getting rid of the problem quickly means you putting forth a bit of effort as well. Here are a few good ideas to help you along the way. 

Create a salty barrier around your property. 

Ants don't like salt; in fact, they don't even like walking through it if you have it sprinkled in a line across the counter. You can actually help with the ant control in your home by creating a barrier around the house with saltwater. Makes sure you do a heavy mix and spray the solution around doors, windows, and other openings where the pests tend to make their way into the house. Be careful about using saltwater solutions around your plants, however. The high salt concentration can kill a lot of types of vegetation. 

Keep all food properly contained and the house clean. 

If you've ever watched a group of ants diligently working to get food back to their nest, you already know just how determined these pests can be when it comes to food. Ants have this incredible ability to seek out the smallest food particles, so being really vigilant about keeping your home clean and food sealed away will be important throughout the treatment process. Clean up spills quickly, feed your animals and then clean their food bowls, and keep your counters wiped down. 

Use ant baits and change them often. 

The ant control service may actually provide you with ant baits or ant traps, and these are an important part of the eradication process. Ant baits usually contain an attractant and a poison, so they draw the ants in, the ants eat the bait, and then they die. These traps do need to be changed frequently, so if your service professional provides them, they may ask you to change them out every few days. Even if the agent doesn't supply ant baits or traps, it can be helpful if you put out some of your own. 

If you have an ant problem, contact an ant control service in your area.

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