Goodbye Termites, Ants, and Roaches

Recognize Pest Control Myths For What They Are

Just as with most things, there are also myths regarding pests. You're going to have a much better chance at keeping your home protected from pest infestations if you recognize myths and don't fall for them. Here are some of the more popular myths regarding pests, and the real facts: 

If you see one roach, there are definitely others

While it is true that seeing one roach in your house likely means there are many others, there are obviously exceptions to the rule. Roaches can come inside in many ways. If you have recently brought something into your home from another place, there can be a roach in it that ends up scurrying across your floor. So, if you do see a roach and you have recently brought in a piece of furniture, an appliance, or even an electrical device, you want to take it outside and make sure there aren't more roaches in it. You also don't want to let that one away! If you haven't brought something inside, then you have reason to be concerned about a possible infestation and may want to contact a pest control specialist. 

Pests don't like clean houses

While it is true that a dirty house can tempt pests to stick around longer which can lead to an increased chance of infestation, pests can come inside a clean house just as easily. Pests are on the lookout for shelter, food, and water. They can find these things, even in the cleanest of houses. Bed bugs are a perfect example of a pest most often thought of as ones only found in dirty homes, but if something comes in your home with bed bugs on it, you can end up with your own infestation in your nice, clean home. 

You'd know if you had pest issues

Your home is the place where you spend a lot of your free time, it's where you sleep, and for some, it's even where they work. This is why a common myth says that you would know if you had an infestation in your home; you would hear or see something. However, this isn't true. In many cases, infestations can get very bad before the homeowners realize what's going on. Pests are great about staying out of sight until you aren't around. In many cases, it's not until their excrement is seen or the light gets suddenly turned on in the middle of the night to catch pests out and about. This is why it's a good idea to have regular pest control treatments. When you have pest control treatments regularly, you will be able to rest assured that your home really doesn't have pest issues.

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