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What Summer Pest Control Services Should Homeowners Invest In?

What warm-weather pest control services should you schedule right now? With summer on the horizon, take a look at the top options homeowners choose to protect themselves and their homes from unwelcome insect and animal invaders.

Exterior Inspection

Can pests get into your home? If pests have an easy entryway, your home is open to a potential invasion. But if you find and close each access point, you can add an extra layer of pest prevention. Cracks in siding, foundation damage, gaps in windows, torn screens, and vents are all entrances for potential pests.  

A pest control contractor can inspect your home's exterior and recommend ways to minimize insect and animal invader entry. Even though a home inspection is a key pest prevention service, the exterminator may also need to look for potential problems in your yard/property. Wood piles, shrubs, grassy areas, and sheds can all harbor pests.

Exterior Protection

Even though it's crucial to find pest entry points, this isn't the only exterior service exterminators offer. Along with an exterior inspection, the pest control contractor can provide protection.

How will the exterminator protect your home? The specific barrier method the exterminator chooses depends on your home's needs, the pests on your property, and the contractor's preferred type of treatment method. If you have additional exterior concerns (such as children or pets who spend time outdoors), discuss these with the pest control professional before you choose a treatment.

Interior Inspection

The pest control professional will also inspect the interior of your home. Even though you may see evidence of pests (such as the insects/animals, droppings, nests, and other similar signs), the exterminator is an expert at finding insect or animal invaders in hidden spaces. This type of inspection will help you to locate all the pests and their nests.

Interior Extermination

After the contractor finds the source of the pests, they will create a plan to eliminate or remove the invaders from your home's interior. Again, like with exterior barrier prevention methods, the type of pest control the contractor uses depends on several different factors. Discuss the type of treatment the exterminator recommends before the pest control service.

Interior Maintenance

The extermination doesn't end the day you schedule pest control services. Routine maintenance can help to prevent a future re-infestation. Even though it may seem like the pests are gone for good, the contractor may suggest regular maintenance. This type of inspection and extermination service can help to keep your home pest-free for the entire summer and the rest of the year.

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