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Reality Behind 3 Bed Bug Myths You Might Have Heard

Do you wake up in the morning, covered in itchy welts? Are you wondering how mosquitos are entering your home at night while all the doors and windows are closed? The reality is that you probably don't have a mosquito problem. It's possible that you have a flea problem but, in reality, the more likely culprit is an infestation of bed bugs. While this is something that nobody wants to hear, you've probably been exposed to a number of bed bug myths that are nearly as harmful as the bugs themselves. A few such myths are:

Only dirty people get bed bugs: Although homes that are dirty or unkempt do provide more places for bed bugs to hide, having a perfectly spotless home doesn't mean that you're exempt from the possibility of bed bugs. Someone may have unknowingly brought a bed bug or two with them to work or to a hotel where these pests then hitched a ride on your clothes or in your suitcase. Being dirty or clean had nothing to do with it, although proper bed bug treatment plans do often include extra cleaning to give the bugs fewer places to hide within your home.

You must throw away everything: While it's true that there are some items, such as large sofas, that may be impossible to treat, it's not true that you'll have to get rid of everything before the bed bugs will go away. Discuss your options with a bed bug treatment professional and you'll find out that things are most likely going to be easier than you initially thought. Most clothes can be treated relatively easily and a good mattress cover will keep bed bugs from using your mattress as a hiding place. Again, talk to a professional to learn what can be done about your situation.

It's easy to treat bed bugs naturally: You can often find websites out there that will advise you that certain essential oils are good for repelling and/or killing bed bugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs are extremely resistant to treatments that would kill or repel other pests. In order to have even a chance of eliminating bed bugs from your life, it would be necessary to use "natural" products in concentrations that could be hazardous to your health. Instead, it's better to get professional assistance and to use a bed bug treatment that has been proven safe and effective for both humans and any animal companions you might have.


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