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How To Maintain A Pest-Free Home

There are a lot of different ways that different types of pests can end up using to come into your home. The best way for you to keep your home as pest-free as possible is to do two things. For one, you are going to want to have regular servicing done by a pest control company who will treat both the inside and the outside of your home for pests. For two, you are going to want to learn as much as you can about the different ways that pests can come inside your home, so you can follow through with doing your best to close off those areas. Here are some of the different ways that pests can come inside.

Small damaged areas of the screen

You may feel fine opening the windows in your home if you have properly fitted screens. However, you might have very small damage in the screen that you can't see from across the room. These small areas will be large enough to let many different types of bugs in. From flies to beetles, they can squeeze right through the small tear and be inside without you even knowing there is an issue. This is why you are going to want to check all of your screens from close up a few times a year. Start at the top and move your eyes from side to side as you go slowly down the screen, so you don't miss anything. You can use a screen repair kit to repair the screen with ease.

The fireplace

A lot of pests can end up in the fireplace and before you light a fire, they can make their way out and be roaming throughout the house as they please. In order to cut down on the number of pests that come in your home via the fireplace, you want to store your wood away from the home and make sure you have it stored off of the ground on a platform of some type. You also want to make sure you look for visual signs of pests on the wood before bringing it into the house. As soon as you bring the wood inside, you want to start the fire. Also, be sure to keep the flue closed when not in use, to prevent pests such as rodents from making their way inside, as well as to keep out the pests that may come in on them like fleas and ticks.

Plumbing pipes

You want to look at the areas around your plumbing pipes where they come inside the house from the exterior. Many times, there will be gaps left between the pipes and the wall that weren't sealed properly when the plumbing was installed. Sealing up those gaps will prevent any more pests from coming in from those areas.


Keep in mind, any gaps or spaces anywhere that go from the inside to the outside need to be sealed all the way. Also, be sure you continue to have the pest control company regularly treating your house even when you haven't been seeing pests. If you let up, then it won't be long before the pests will return.

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